Daily Dynamic Encounters With God (Practical helps For The Overcomers) (Volume 4)

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This book is a serious and powerful exhortation for the disciples to watch and imitate their Lord Jesus Christ, who should be the Only Focus of their lives.

The author, Z.T.  Fomum, makes sure he presents the Lord Jesus, during His earthly life, as a Lover who was ever thirsty for the presence of God. The Scriptures depict Him so. His multiple prayer retreats are clearly emphasised in support.

Daily quiet time with God is properly explained in the book. These periods of the day invested in prayer and Bible meditation immerse the believer in a deep relationship with God and transform every aspect of his life and Christian walk.

It is a statement of the secret of daily communication and communion with the living God.  You will find examples and tips that will make it easy to practice the truths outlined in the book.

The author published this book with the prayer that it should be used by the Lord to bless His children, to deepen their walk with Him;  and to fulfill His purpose in man, so that man may know Him, that He should live in him and that man should find pleasure in Him forever!

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